What are reputation points?Edit

In thesixtyone's first year (2008) reputation were a game currency used instead of hearts (hearts did not exist yet): if you liked a track, you could 'bump' it in exchange for reputation points, the price of one bump depended on the popularity of a track at the time of bumping. They could also be used to revive a track back to the homepage. In 2009 bumps were transformed into artificially scarce hearts which have no drain on reputation points, making reputation points currently only really useful for reviving.

How do I earn reputation points?Edit

Reputation points (rep) are earned in several ways:

  1. By hearting "good" music: the more popular a track becomes after you heart it, the more reputation points you gain.
  2. By completing quests: most quests give you 10 to 20 reputation points on completion.
  3. By unlocking an achievement.
  4. By referring someone to the site: after they joined up you will gain some reputation for every amount of reputation they gain.